A wine bottle vase filled with real or silk flowers is a unique look for any table and is a great gift for any wine lover. Each bottle has been hand cut and polished, then painted with glass paint and baked for a permanent finish. They can be hand washed with warm soapy water.

Pricing for the Vases: $30.00 each or $27.00 each for 4 or more

Below are samples of avalible designs. Please send me an email of the design(s) you would like to order and I will contact you with a confirmation of the order. We entertain custom designs...give us a call.

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Blue, Yellow Dots Blue & Yellow Black, Copper Dots

Burgundy, White Dots

Copper, Black Dots Emerald, White Dots Frosted Stripes & Dots Green Frost
Turquoise Turquoise Shapes Cobalt Flowers  



  Twinkle Lights
Cruet Bottles
  Hanging Planters
Hanging Lanterns
  Horizontal Wine Bottles
Hanging Windchimes
  Wine, Martini & Margarita
  Three Sizes-Small, Medium & Large