Twinkle Lights
Cruet Bottles
  Hanging Planters
Hanging Lanterns
  Horizontal Wine Bottles
Hanging Windchimes
  Wine, Martini & Margarita
  Three Sizes-Small, Medium & Large

Ladyfingers was born out of a love of wine .....
as well as "how do I recycle all these wine bottles and corks?" I came up with a great solution, and with that beginning my product line evolved to include twinkle and hanging bottles, cruets, bar glasses and trays.
Each Ladyfinger product is uniquely designed and decorated in a wide variety of styles which I continually expand. I bounce ideas off fellow wine drinkers and, voila, a new product is born. It is both fun and exciting, almost on a daily basis. Most of the decoupage designs can be used on both a bottle and a tray, to make a unique gift set.

Please come in, look around and email me with any comments or questions.

Thank you for visiting my website.

Elaine Marks