Hanging Bottles

The bottoms of these recycled wine bottles are hand-cut and polished for a smooth finish.  They are painted then baked so the design is permanent,  and can be hand washed with warm soapy water.
The Hanging Planters have a cork glued into the neck so that they will not leak.  They are perfect for rooting plants, or displaying dry or fresh flowers.  You can also float a votive candle in them which creates a soft, romantic look.
The Hanging Lanterns have a hanging votive candle holder inside the bottle. They look pretty hung outside on a patio or tree, inside in a window, or sitting on a table - by just removing the chain.  When the bottle hangs it can get hot, so it is best to let it cool or handle it by the hook.
My Windchimes are a perfect addition to a garden or patio. The hanger is decorated with beads that compliment the bottle color, so they are as pretty to look at as they are to hear.

Pricing for the Hanging Bottles: $30.00 each or $27.00 each for a set of 4

Below are samples of avalible designs. Please send me an email of the design(s) you would like to order and I will contact you with a confirmation of the order.

Email Order

Hanging Planters
Blue, Yellow Dots Cobalt, Dots Cobalt, Stripes Flowers, Stripes

Frosted Stripes

Funky Lady

Navy, Stripes

Turquoise, White Dots

Hanging Lanterns

Blue, Yellow Dots

Cobalt, Sunflower

Copper, Black Dots

Frosted Stripes & Dots

Purple Turquoise, Frost Tuscan Grapes Green, Flowers

Blue Frost


Cobalt, Stripes Emerald

  Twinkle Lights
Cruet Bottles
  Hanging Planters
Hanging Lanterns
  Horizontal Wine Bottles
Hanging Windchimes
  Wine, Martini & Margarita
  Three Sizes-Small, Medium & Large